Monday, 21 January 2013

Loose Ends

Between splitting my time in the West and heading over to St Kilda (where the boy) lives I've found i haven't had much free time.
One of the things i did forget to mention over my past 2 posts was that back in Novemeber that we went down to check out the Polish Festival which is held at Fed Square each year. We walked around the stalls, had some food and a few drinks and Transport with another couple and ended up having dinner at Old Salt Fish and Chips in Port Melbourne.
Feels like ages ago now but it was a great day, the weather was lovely and had good food and company which always helps!


St Kilda beach
While flicking through January's STYD i fell in LOVE with a bag that was featured and have been dreaming about it ever since... It's not in the stores yet but I've found it on a UK website and I'm debating whether or not to wait til it hits Aus or just buy it online because i desperately need it ASAP, yes, yes i do. It does end up being $20.00 cheaper buying it off the website however I'm not familiar with this website.
The Ragged Priest

I've got a good mates birthday coming up on Australia Day, she's booked out a section of Longroom and chucked some money on the tab for food and drinks.I'm really looking forward to it but had a hard time trying to find any nice dresses in the stores at the moment. I've pretty much settled on this one and thought i could team it with some chunky gold jewellery, not sure about the shoes though?
I am so happy it's Aussie Open time again, it seems to fill in some of the gap between footy seasons nicely. Every year i say I'm going to head down and get a ground pass and this year i finally did, we went last Wednesday and saw Stosur bomb out unfortunatly. It was nice to sit in the Heineken beer garden and watch the tennis on the screens while having a chat, the weather was just perfect and luckily i had remembered to slather on some sunscreen.
The Moonlight Cinemas is another thing i never get around to doing and I've sworn i want to go this year, what's better though Moonlight Cinemas or Cookie Rooftop Cinema?
I've also just finished one of the best books i've read in a long time. It's a Fiction Thriller which is different for me as i usually only read true crime/autobiographies. The book itself has won quite a few awards as well as landing a spot on 'Amazon's Best Books of the Month, June 2012.
Her other 2 books have been ordered on so now i have to play the waiting game, fingers crossed they're as good as Gone Girl though!
Dirty Rascal.


Monday, 14 January 2013

Christmas and NYE Recap

Just a quick heads up that this post is quite picture heavy.

As soon as i got back from Brisbane i was practically on another flight to head to Sydney for a few hours to celebrate our work xmas party.
What a drama that was from the start.
The cabbie was late so in turn we missed our red eye flight but managed to get put on the next one., thankfully.
Once we got up we found out that we were doing a harbour cruise for a few hours and apparently the flights that my boss booked for us on the way back were way too early, as in the boat wouldn't be docked before then.
Our big boss put myself and the other girl i work with up for the night in a nice hotel in the middle of the Sydney CBD. We went out for a few drinks but ended up staying in the apartment listening to music and chatting. All in all it was a great couple of days.

The only photo i have were i look 'semi' sober

Because my family are part German part Polish we do the Euro thing each year and celebrate Christmas Eve.
We have a very small family so there was 5 of us in total, even so we had a massive spread of food including oysters kilpatrick, natural oysters, fresh king prawns, Turkey, Ham, 4 or so salads. The food was amazing and we were all in food coma's but were ready to exchange presents a few hours later. We do a 'Big' KK and 'Little KK' each year and we all did very well in the present department.

Christmas Day attire - Forever New dress

Mother Dearest and I
Christmas Day is much like our Boxing Day, we wake up late, feast on leftovers, my boyfriend came round as did one of my best mates and we just had a relaxing day/night in the cooler weather.

Jinx the Christmas Grinch
The boy and I
Making Jinx beg for his most favourite thing in the world, prawns

After the Christmas countdown was over i needed to get organised for NYE as a bunch of us were driving up to Dromana to spend it at a holiday house for 2 nights.
The drive took about an hour and a half from Melb CBD as we got stuck in a bit of traffic driving up there NYE afternoon which was to be expected.
The place itself was really cute, very modern and all self serviced.
We went out to a really nice wine and tapas bar for dinner called 'Two Buoys' which was just down the road from where we were staying.
The meals were out of this world, i shared 'roasted garlic and rosemary fat chips w/ truffle mayo' and had 'Salt chilli squid w/ tequila, lime and corriander mayo. Ah-mazing, so good!
After that we headed back to the house and had a few* more drinks (a lot) cranked the tunes up, had a dance, walked down to Safety Beach and rung in the new year with some people who were staying on the same road.

New Years day we drove into Mornington with our weary heads only wanting 2 things. Breakfast and coffee. ASAP. It was crazy busy but we managed to get some food and coffee into us and then went for a long relaxing walk along Mornington Beach which was absolutely stunning.
Mornington Beach

We spent the day relaxing at the unit playing, uno, listening to tunes and having a few drinks. For an early dinner we went to check out the local pub 'Stella's Dromana Hotel' as we all decided pub grub was the way to go. The food was nice but not your usual generous pub style servings that we were all used to. We actually ended up driving back home at about 9:30 that night as we all had work the next day so decided it would be best to sleep in our own beds etc instead of waking up at some ridiculous our to trek back into the CBD.

So there you have it, that's how my Christmas and NYE break was spent!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

It's Been A While....

Ok so it's been agessss since my last blog post... I really wasn't lying when i said i had a busy couple of weeks coming up which inadvertently led to a busy couple of months haha!

So much has happened and I have done so much since the last post so it will be hard to recap over everything. It will also be extra hard since my Samsung Galaxy 3 just died on me for no reason on the weekend which means i've lost all my original photos, wahhhhh, so I'll have to scrounge around and see what pics i can find just for this post.

Picking up where i left of last would be to tell you how much i fell in love with Brisvegas when i went up to see my brother mid November. If it wasn't for the humidity i could easily pack up and live there, such a cruisy laid back lifestyle which suits me just perfectly.

The wedding was amazing and the food was sensational. I don't know how well you can read the menu from the pic below but for entree i had the quail and eye fillet for the main and they were both cooked perfectly.

This is the only other photo i have of the wedding which was once we had gotten ready and were about to head off.

George's Paragon Seafood Restaurant - Amazing seafood

One of the places we went to one afternoon was the Bavarian Bier Cafe. The food and beer were so good. I ordered the Delikatessen Platter which consisted of cured and smoked cold cuts, condiments and home baked Bavarian bread. Definitely going back when I'm up visiting next.

View from my brothers balcony - Fortitude Valley
 I think we stayed 4 nights/ 5 days, I can't really remember now haha but either way I could easily of tacked on a few extra days to that so that i could have done some extra things.

When i got back i had a stream of birthdays to go to, again i don't have any actual photos, tear.

Here is one i uploaded to Instagram. I was the token ballerina that night. Unitentionally of course.

I'll have to condense Christmas and NYE etc into another post as this will drag on and on and on.

Big spoon and little spoon


Monday, 12 November 2012

Getting Amongst it

The past 2 weeks or so have been crazy busy. There's been many times where i've been meaning to sit down and write a post but something else has gotten in the way.
I now have found myself with a bit of spare time to string some words together with a few added pic's of the past week and a bit.

This morning was hell. I completely forgot that my work PC decided to shit itself at 4pm last Friday while i turned the other cheek and sprinted out the door as 4:25pm as you do. The moment of realisation at 8:30 this morning was not fun, followed by lengthy phone calls and chat's to our IT department since then only to find the conclusion is that the computer has well and truley seen the end of it's days.

I don't have many pics of Derby Day unfortunately as I'm the worst photo taker EVER, as in i never actually pull the camera out to take photos because i forget or I'm enjoying myself to much to even give it a thought. Here's a select few that i have on my phone though...

It was a great day which started with a Champagne Breakfeast right on 10am which went for a few hours and then we headed down to the track in a cab. The weather was absolutely perfect for a full day outside and i ended getting a bit of colour on my shoulders even though it was fairly mild. We left after about 5-6 hours of being there and were pretty glad we decided to head off at that point as there were some sights we saw that i don't even want to repeat outloud haha.
We went back to a mates house and had a few more drinks before heading out to the Doutta and dancing our arses off. I believe i fell into bed around 2ish. No maccas was consumed so i'd consider the whole day/night a win.
The Friday night that just passed i went out and was able to make use of the original dress i bought for Derby Day.

It was a good night out even though the photo that are on the bars website seem tell a different story hahaha oh yes how very embarrassing.
Saturday night was spent at home with the family enjoying good conversation, a few drinks and a movie.

Sunday i had to tackle my wardrobe which i've been purposly avoiding as i need to sort through thick winter coats and replace them with light cardi's etc.

Throw in a few catch up dinners and coffees with mates and that pretty much sums up what i've been up to recently.

I'll leave you with a few random pic's i've taken.

Playing around with a Minnie Mouse hairstyle

Fresh Veg from the garden

Using leek from the garden to make a chicken risotto

Brothers, inseperable. Enough said.

New nails colour and reading material

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Busy Bee

I've just sat down and noted a few things that i've got coming up in my diary over the next 2 months. What a crazy time of year it is between birthdays, catch-ups, work lunches & dinners and two interstate trips I'll be looking forward to a bit of R & R over January.

A few mates and i have just booked some accommodation in Dromana over NYE so that's something to look forward too. Hopefully the weather permits us to get down to the beach so we can work on our tans. Has anyone else worked out what they are doing over NYE or are we just crazily efficient this year?

Last night i did end up heading down to Target to check out Roberto Cavalli's range. While a few things were hit a miss i did find a dress i really liked and tried it on. I found the sizing to be a bit up and down, the dress i bought is quite a generous 8 and as a result I'll need to alter it to get the waist cinched in but another size 8 dress i tried on fitted me exactly like a 6 would. I also bought some shoes to match, naturally haha (Not from the Cavalli range)

Yesterday we were doing the happy dance at work because of the weather and now we're all not so happy.. What gives Melbourne?  

Midway through said Happy Dance

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Call me Bob the Builder

Firstly how's this gorgeous weather Melburnians!?
I'd almost forgotten what 30 degree days felt like!

Anyway on track with what the title would suggest I have acquired my first and probably last TOOLBOX
Yes you heard right. Purchased from Bunnings and all.
I'll sheepishly admit that i think it's the only thing that's actually big enough to hold mine and my sisters ever growing nail polish collection.

It needs to be bedazzled with some jewels or what not to make it look less manly

Last Friday i did a bit of late night shopping and ended up finally purchasing a dress for my brothers upcoming wedding and something to wear to Derby Day. I ended up going with the strapless pink printed dress (previous post here) for the wedding, as soon as i tried it on i loved it which made the decision very easy. For Derby i decided on the black studded gladiator-esque dress.

I hate fascinators (I don't find them remotely fascinating at all) so when my friend was trying to convince me that i absolutely needed to find one i pretended i was 'looking hard' while not looking at all. She has now scared me into having to wear one (i don't like hats either) though so i've been properly looking for something that will match a gladiator-eque beaded dress which is a lot harder than it sounds. I ended up settling for a plain black clip that i can easily slide into an up-do.

Roberto Cavalli's range for Target is getting released tomorrow.. There's so many lovely dresses but the sizing starts at 8 which is a shame because Target 8's are too big for me, I might still pop down and have a look because if i see something i love it might be able to get altered... I love the printed dresses in the collection. Is anyone else going to be popping down to Target to check it out?

  I have finally been able to openly admit to myself that while I'm not only engrossed in Big Brother this year I am actually really quite enjoying it too.
Not quite sure who I want to win though as i don't have any favourites. 

I'll leave you with a few photos of the weekend.

Everyone should indulge in a steak sanga more often than not!

Found this cheeky ferret perched on top of some warm sheets in the dryer, he's lucky he's cute.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Weekend Wars

I blinked and this weekend was over, what's new though.

Last Friday was such a stunning day and i messaged a friend to see if she wanted to go for a few quiet drinks after work on a rooftop somewhere. We ended up getting a few people down and headed over to Niagara Rooftop. A few drinks turned into stumbling into bed in the wee hours of the morning, naturally. I hobbled the walk of shame to pick up my car from the station the next morning. Dancing for hours on end resulting in the hobble walk which wasn't pretty.

Yes we are creepers.

Saturday wasn't a write off though, I had heaps to do in the veggie patch. Over Saturday and Sunday I planted some cucumbers, 2 types of chilli plants, squash, various different lettuce, radish, tomato plant, strawberry plant and a purple capsicum plant (will be interesting to see how this turns out). 

Saturday night I saw Paranormal Activity 4... Now I'm all for horror movies esp Z grade horror movies but they really need to stop at this last one, it did not tie into any of the other movies AT all and ended really abruptly with no twist at all. They tried but it failed miserably. I'm probably still bitter because i had to share a cinema with 30 15/16 year olds.. I was reminded why i don't go to the cinemas on a Saturday night. I will stick to my weeknight dates haha

We bought a new coffee machine. They only have a few choices for the capsules that are out at the moment, I tried the cappuccino and i don't know whether you need to play around with the milk to coffee ratio but it wasn't the best. Oh yeah the milk comes in capsules too, it's long life milk. I'll buy some different capsules and play around with it a bit more. The machine is for sale at Coles and the boxes of capsules retail for $6 as an introductory offer. For now we've gone back to the trust old Nespresso though.

I've tried on so many different dresses for the wedding in a few weeks and I can't seem to find anything that i really love. I don't mind these 4, I've tried the first 2 of them on and they look alright.

 I'd like to find a nice maxi but i can't seem to see any in the stores at the moment which is weird because usually there's an abundance of them.

Which dress do you like the best out of them?? 

I'll leave you with a sight that is 3 adorable Burmese kittehs

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